Staffing Opportunities in Solar Industries in India…

The Industry is moving from Thermal Power, Cogen Power, Fossil Power, Hydro Power to Solar Power as Solar Power is an Integral Component of the Renewable Energy Sector.  

The Solar Power Generation Capacity is Upscale to Target 100 GW by 2022 is likely to act as a Catalyst in the Manufacturing of Equipment, Panels, and Supply of Services and Technology used in the Industry. To embrace the change and to abstract it for the Betterment of the Institution. The organization need to be equipped with new Technology, Ideas, Vision and Efficient Technical Enforcement in the form of Human Resource. The people who not only know the Solar Technology, but having the attitude to implement it with a dedication.

Our Services make  Roller coaster journey of change into a smooth and pleasant boat ride. Our Technically aware HR Team can filter out the Best Technically Sound Candidates & will take care of all HR Activities. Our Company will absorb all the heat of Burden and Stress and help you to sign like a Sun.

Manpower Outsourcing – The timeless remedy to your manpower issues

With companies strategizing their paths to steer fast and effortlessly through the jagged routes to success, they more than often face times where their otherwise efficient staffs engage in tasks which are unproductive but necessary and consume a lot of otherwise valuable time. Under such circumstances it is wiser to use the “outsourcing of manpower/tasks” which in simpler terms means letting another professional organization to take up the responsibility in exchange of a fixed sum which can be for the manpower oriented / task oriented responsibility that the latter company accepts.

Outsourcing can be preferred for a varied spectrum of company tasks some being crucial for company’s sustenance while some being social/corporate obligation. From skilled to the unskilled manpower, outsourcing can be a highly efficient tool to multiply the effects of strategic planning.Outsourcing can ease out the entire process of recruitment by providing with profile-specific manpower within specified time. It can help develop team spirits and can increase the pace of work. Specifically trained and skilled people form a great source of future employee prospects and come in handy when hiring for experienced and responsible profiles.

Outsourcing greatly reduces the training man-days while increasing the training man-hours which means more efficient people in less time. Outsourcing also reduces the burdens on HR dept. as many of its unproductive tasks like payroll processing, temporary staffing, background checks, statutory audits, compensation management, retirement benefits and other activities can be outsourced to another professional outsourcing organization which saves time and increases productivity. While outsourcing can add to an organization’s overall growth, it does come for a price and organization’s opting for outsourcing solutions should check for the ROI when thinking of such tools.

To understand the need of outsourcing the first thing that the concerned department has to do is to figure out the process which require a considerable amount of specific sets of knowledge, unavailable within the organisation or huge man-hours with very little productivity and high costs. Then the management should identify, screen, select and develop staffs for specific skills or look for inexpensive alternatives within the organisation and see if it can be a fitting alternative for the issue, then the selected alternative should be tested and if not found satisfactory then the next step is to consider “outsourcing”. Selection of a professionally managed outsourcing company should be done with care and a clear understanding of the latter’s proficiencies and past records, an investment vs ROI study and feasibility of entering into a contract with the latter.

Despite the economic slump this world is facing today, “outsourcing” still continues to grow owing to newer and economical alternatives that the outsourcing solution have to provide in a varied spectrum of tasks including abatement of direct expenses in unproductive tasks and higher involvement of skilled manpower in productive tasks which together generate higher profits and take the company closer to attainment of its goals. Outsourcing, if well planned and executed properly with adequate monitoring can help save the revenue of organisation and provide organizations the benefits of outside specialized expertise when needed.

Visiting Card an Effective Tool for Professionals

Visiting Card, the solid first impression on the recepient lasts long. It does a lot more than just providing the personal details and contact information. A warm handshake with eye-contact and broad smile followed by a well designed Visiting Card is still the best practice for marketing oneself in this digital era. It reflects your personality, professionalism, legitimacy,  and preparedness. Pati Graphics designs budget-friendly, attractive and impressive visiting cards with precise details printed at right place. Contact us for a stunning visiting card.

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Special Freezers for Commercial Establishment

Customized Freezers are designed specially for commercial establishment needs. They are the most convenient way of preserving food.

Amicable Equipments
has added a new innovative product to its product list. It has started manufacturing Commercial Freezers. Size-wise this is the first of its kind manufactured in Odisha. The most remarkable feature of this type of freezer is its capacity and facilities. It can accommodate 12 large size trays, for different types of food materials like eggs, meats, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, etc. separately at desired temperature. Dimension of the tray is 24” x 14” with a depth of 13”, so one may call it a basket. The four-door upright cabinet ensures easy storage.

An electronic panel ensures proper temperature control. The temperature can be regulated from -30℃ to +30℃.

Overall, these Freezers keep food fresh and preserve it for longer. It helps you in retrieving the required material quickly and reduces your preparation time.


  • 1700 L (Approx)


  • Maximum 12 adjustable tray slides
  • Tray size 24”x14”x13”
  • Eco-friendly refrigerant
  • Odourless operation
  • Auto defrost
  • Removable gasket for easy clean
  • Food grade stainless steel unit
  • Uniform cooling
  • Tropicalised for high ambient temperatures
  • Self closing doors
  • Food grade stainless steel body
  • Copper condenser for long life
  • Digital display controller on door

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SGK India, The Specialist in Operation and Maintenance

A Specialist is a jack of all trades, master of none, and a specialist is “Master of one”. When it comes to Operation and Maintenance (O & M), SGK is the specialist.

SGK India Industrial Services (P) Ltd. is the most reliable Provider to release your tension at every stage, starting with the erection of the equipment, day-to-day operation and utility maintenance to Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC).

SGK practices strict adherence to  O & M Agreement and regular feedback for optimal productivity.

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Hammelmann Accessories

Any tool is incomplete without availability of its accessories and spares. At hammelmann, we ensure that all our products are covered at all times with supply of necessary accessories and spare supplies.

Our list of accessories include tank cleaning head which remove deposits including hardened materials from tank internal walls, Turbo jets which have a high speed rotating nozzle body which prevents “striping” inside the tube, Standard accessories like Control Cables, Cable Drum, Key Switch, Foot valve, Foot Switch which are used for pressure regulation of the pump unit, high pressure spray guns for precise water blasting and many such other items.

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Hydro-jet cleaning in Thermal and Captive power plants

With growing demand in power consumption, thermal and captive power plants are now increasing their production capacity and in the process they need to keep their power plants in optimum working conditions. Residual build-up and harmful deposits is a common sight within the equipments of such industries. For the said purpose, proper cleaning and maintenance of these equipments require Hydro-jetting of the best quality.

At MS-Corp we offer the best hydro-jet cleaning services for all their equipments across all types of thermal and captive power plants. We use Hammelmann make and domestic equipments to cater to any type of cleaning requirement of our clients and our industry experts ensure best results in whatever task we perform.

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Stainless steel gates

A gate is not only a protective barrier against unwanted break-ins but also adds to the aesthetics of the property and demarcates its perimeter. Stronger and elegant looking gates are usually made of steel which are highly durable and stay rust-free for years.

At Amicable equipment we build stainless steel gates as per requirement with expert craftsmen who add a touch of class to these products. Be it a sliding gate or a collapsible gate or a simple push-pull gate, we are equipped with all the latest technologies to create state-of-the art monogram gate designs with family or corporate initials, ornate and artistic gates, victorian and castle style large and tall gates and all types of modern and sleek gates. Fencing is never complete without a gate and stainless steel gates are the best option for strength, durability and class.

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Why Utilities maintenance is an Organization or Manufacturing Unit play vital role in its operation.

Utilities in an organization or manufacturing unit are the essential provisions that play a vital role in its operation. At SGK India we have the expertise to take up utilities maintenance for the optimum benefit of the customer. This task ensures shrinkage in utility provider errors or overcharges and creates more saving opportunities through a stringent process of audit and an in depth process analysis. The areas we cater include Power Generation & Distribution, Fuel yards (HSD, F.O and LPG), Water Treatment Plant, Effluent Treatment Plant  & Sewage Treatment Plant, Fire Pump House, Effluent ejection system, HVAC and Chillers- Chillers & pumps, Compressors, Mechanical Maintenance and Street Lights. We ensure complete satisfaction and best quality services of utility maintenance to different units at all desired levels.

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TATA Hitachi Mini Excavators

Excavation sometimes happens in the most demanding conditions where regular size excavators are unable to reach and for that reason TATA HITACHI brings to you its range of mini excavators. Fast, agile, strong and sophisticatedly equipped to take on the narrow roads, these excavators are prepared to perform almost all the tasks of a regular excavator with almost no footprints or tread marks that could otherwise damage the roads. Utility, versatility and durability is what these products are made for and render best-in-class returns on investment.

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