Mining Excavators – A Booster for Economic Mining

The mining excavators are heavy machinery used for excavation in mines and quarries. It consists of a Boom, Dipper, Bucket, and Cab on a rotating platform. An arm is attached to the boom end for forceful digging into the ground. A bucket is fixed at the arm end for carrying the soil, coal or rock. In addition, there are many other categories of attachments used for boring, crushing, lifting, and ripping as and when required.

More than one-third of the hydraulic mining excavators across the world are made by Hitachi. Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery Co Pvt a trusted manufacturer of mining excavators in India. Efficient engines, operator-friendly cabs, advanced hydraulics, sturdy frames, powerful arm, bucket-digging forces, and accessible inspection points make them a top choice

The new ZX470H model of TATA HITACHI has key benefits of high quality, low fuel consumption, high durability, and exceptional operator comfort resulting in low running costs.


In addition to the above benefits, the ZX 650 H provides reliable performance, great fuel economy, swift front movement and easy operation.

The ZX 870-5G, equipped with HIOS IIIB hydraulic system, has an increased operating speed. The engine is reliable and durable in challenging environments. The parallel arrangement of the radiator and oil cooler gives it a great cooling system.

Tata hitachi -mining-excavator-ZX 870-5G-image

Odisha is rich in mineral resources. Mining is one of the most productive economic activity in Odisha. The state has 16.92 per cent of the total mineral reserves of the country. The mineral sector in Odisha provides employment to a large number of skilled and unskilled people. Odisha is a potential market for mining excavators.

Trishul Tread Pvt. Ltd. as the exclusive authorised dealer of Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery Co Pvt Ltd. for Odisha deals with sales and services of TATA HITACHI mining excavators all over Odisha.  

Dump Truck – An Inevitable Vehicle for Construction and Mining Industry-Trishul Tread

A dump truck is a truck used for moving material such as sand, gravel, or demolition waste for construction. It is also used in mines and collieries to move ores and coal. It is known as dumper/tipper truck in UK. Basically it is a truck with an open-box bed fitted to its rear. The open-box is lifted from the front side by a hydraulic ram and materials loaded on the bed are dumped on the ground at the backside of the truck.

Rigid Dump TrucksTata Hitachi’s models of Rigid Dump Trucks (RDT) are designed to match the load size of the material to be handled. These trucks are a perfect complement to the hydraulic excavators. Hydraulic Excavator loads materials on the Dump Truck. The Dump Truck transports the materials and unloads by a hydraulic ram mounted on it. These RDTs are equipped with advanced suspension systems, unique body design, and reliable electrical system and have a track record of performance and unfailing productivity.

eh-600-tata hitachi dump truck

It is common to see a EH 600 at construction sites, on the road, and at dump yards. EH 600 model Dump Trucks are manufactured by TATA HITACHI Construction Machinery Company Ltd. This 35 tonne capacity Dump Trucks are very popular all over the world for its efficiency and easy operation. It is an off-road vehicle and can reach inaccessible places.

The Tata-Hitachi EH-600 RDTs are designed for fuel efficiency, longevity and ease of operation. The Rigid Dump Trucks boast a number of other features that support these principles. The Turbo-charged 4-cycle high torque engine works on gross power of 298 KW (400 HP). All vital parts such as engine, transmission, differential and hub reduction are easily accessible for service and maintenance.

Commercial kitchen Equipments

Commercial kitchens are designed to produce foods in a large scale with the help of powerful kitchen equipments. Commercial kitchen designs provide an elegant look to your kitchen and at the same time facilitates master chefs to prepare multiple cousins in a more productive way.

Commercial kitchen equipment includes a wide range of products like cooking equipments, bakery equipments, storage equipments, refrigeration equipments, utensil cleaning equipments, exhausts and chimneys equipments, food preparation and processing equipments, mixing and grinding equipments, etc.

Cooking Equipments: When it comes to selecting cooking equipments for a commercial kitchen, we have to select the top most ranges of cooking equipments that are inevitable for our kitchen like restaurant electric ranges, restaurant gas ranges, heavy-duty gas ranges, ventless ranges, stock pot stoves, hotplates, etc.

Restaurant Electric Ranges: Cooking in a commercial kitchen with limited space can be made convenient with the help of  commercial electric stoves. Commercial electric stoves are easy to install, compact in size and can operate in a place where there is lack of proper ventilation. Although commercial electric stoves take time to generate heat and may be cost-ineffective to use, these are more appropriate for kitchens with limited space.

In electric ranges there are also heavy duty electric ranges which are useful in high-volume food preparation and also come with extra features than restaurant ranges. Heavy duty electric ranges are sturdy in design which lasts longer and helps in preparing more dishes during busy hours.

Restaurant Gas Ranges: There is no doubt to say that cooking in gas ranges saves a lot of time as it needs fewer seconds to heat up. In addition to minimization of cooking time gas ranges also helps in controlling right amount of heat while cooking varieties of food items. Gas ranges are more reliable where there is frequent power interruption. Sometimes when you are in a hurry to prepare a volume of dishes at that time cooking on a gas range will help you to extract a number of dishes within your scheduled time.

There are also heavy duty gas ranges which are convenient for dirty and large volume environments, more powerful and durable than restaurant gas ranges.

Bakery Equipment: Ovens have a special importance in baking large volume of food items whether it may be breads, cookies or biscuits. So to bake smartly, a chef at a commercial kitchen like restaurants, hotels, canteens or any food parks need a smart and efficient oven. Among the commercial ovens the most popular ones are combi ovens, convection ovens, countertop electric ovens, countertop gas ovens, deck-type electric ovens, deck-type gas ovens and so on.

Storage Equipments: Storage equipments are required to store kitchen sets in an organized manner so that the kitchen stuffs can be easily located and will give an elegant look to your kitchen. Among the storage equipments the most common are storage rack, scrub sink station, oil can rack, stainless steel storage bin, plate storage rack and pot Racks etc.

Refrigeration Equipments: In a commercial kitchen such as hotels, restaurants and canteens everybody know the importance of the refrigeration. Commercial refrigeration helps to store perishable goods for a longer period without adding any harmful chemicals. Both refrigerators and freezers are available in commercial refrigeration range. Varieties of refrigerators and freezers are available like reach-in freezers and refrigerators, roll-thru refrigerators,roll-in refrigerators, undercounter refrigerators and freezers, walk in refrigeration, blast chillers, ice cream equipments and bar refrigeration equipments.

Utensil Cleaning Equipments: Utensil cleaning equipments are highly essential for many restaurants especially dealing with high volume of orders. It is necessary to keep clean all the kitchen tools and dishes, glassware and flatware before serving food and to save time restaurant owners take the help of dishwashers, glass washers and utensil washers.

Exhausts and Chimneys equipments : Exhaust and chimney equipments are inevitable to keep your kitchen fully ventilated by throwing out all smoke and gases. There are a wide varieties of exhaust and chimney equipments like exhaust wood, air curtains, exhaust blowers, domestic chimney for small kitchens, industrial exhaust system and so on.

Food Preparation and Processing Equipments : Every commercial kitchen need food preparation and processing equipments to get their job easy and quick. Everyday they need to slice up plenty of meat, cheese, bread and other products to include in their palatable dishes. Some of popular food preparation equipments are meat slicers, bread slicers, cheese cutter and graters, vegetable cutters and so on. Varieties of food processors, mixers and grinders are available to meet the varied needs of commercial kitchens.

Superior quality Hydrojet Cleaning Services for Thermal & Captive Power Plant

Thermal and captive power plants function relentlessly and are prone to accumulation of various types of deposits and residual leftovers. This can cause serious issues in optimal functioning of the equipments and sometimes causes safety concerns. Cleaning of these equipments require highly advanced methods that produces supremely effective results.

At MSC we understand the importance of cleaning and assure of best results in whatever we take up. We have more than three decades of industrial cleaning experience and have been acknowledged as one the best hydro-jet cleaning services available in India. Our equipments are meant to generate 300 to 3000 bar pressure for cleaning any type of equipment and we follow a very analytical approach in our work to ensure complete satisfaction of results. With various types of cleaning equipments, both branded and indigenous, we are always prepared to take up any kind of cleaning assignments. Our cleaning services for Captive and Thermal Power Plant includes:


  • Cleaning of AHU, Filters, Engine, Radiators, Shop floors & Cooling Towers
  • Cleaning of ID Fan, Wet Scrubber
  • Cleaning of Tanks/ Vessels/pipes & other process Equipments
  • Equipment Cleaning
  • Heat Exchanger Cleaning
  • Pipe Line Cleaning
  • Tube Cleaning
  • Boiler Cleaning


Our team of highly trained and Industry experienced professionals work in alignment with the best practices and meticulously carry out each phase to ensure superior results every time anywhere.

Manpower / Staffing for Construction/Infrastructure Industries

Infrastructure has been one the greatest necessities of mankind since the time it has understood of its basic needs. Infrastructure generally connotes a broader meaning involving construction of various properties to help mankind in leading a more convenient and safer lifestyle.

It includes all types of transportation means, building of all types, electricity generation etc and the one common factor which huge manpower requirement.

Since the manpower requirement and the nature of job is varied in nature, entrusting these activities to people within organisation can cause valuable loss in time, money and productive effort. Hence, we at SGK India, are equipped with appropriate manpower to cater to all your outsourced manpower needs and are also highly capable in taking up the entire responsibility of managing their payment.

Our years of quality and result oriented services ensure complete satisfaction in results which has gained a name amongst the top outsourcing agencies of India.

Staffing and Manpower Solutions for Automobile Sector

Staffing and manpower solutions for Automobile sector is one of the most comprehensive and highly organised activity on which the entire gamut of automobile sector’s performance depends upon.

Be it the outsourced employee requirement or on-roll employee requirement, we, as one amongst the most reputed staffing agency, undertake the most meticulous and systematic approach of analysing, selecting and placing the brightest brains for management specific work profiles.

Promotional Material for Events & Occasions

The primary aspect of any commercial undertaking or activity is to communicate with its target market, otherwise known as “Promotion”. The more simplified and precise these promotions are, the better results they tend to generate. Promotion can be applied to a wide range of activities like brand visibility, business development, product launch, product penetration, brand equity, brand recognition and so on.


These printed advertisements can be used to promote various events and occasions like corporate events, Sale and discount events, hotel events, electoral events, job fairs, corporate communication, college events, admissions, public notifications, product launches and occasions like birthdays, marriages, Anniversaries, 21st day celebration, friends reunion, alumni meets, college fests, obituary etc. However, the purpose behind any promotion tends to largely decide the type of promotional tool and method it warrants.


With its own set of advantages over electronic media, the print media apart from news papers has various other tools that can be considered for any particular type of promotion where the information is meant for a specific person, group or community.


Business cards, leaflets, banners, flyers, brochures, posters, standees etc for events and occasions  are very specific tools of promotion that can generate great results but at the same time they also need to complement and glorify the business standards. Vital information printed with poor selection of promotional document can pull down the market’s perception of the business or an activity and many times such printed materials are found in the dust-bins or road side. Hence such tasks need professional build quality to not only attract the customers but also make them keep the materials safe for future references.

We at Pati Graphics have been into digital printing solutions for nearly three decades now and has been the first choice of individuals and corporates for printing  and designing of  promotional materials across india. It offers the best quality with fair price and timely delivery. Stocked with the latest equipments and wide varieties of supplies, they can produce the best promotional materials without error. It employs some great technicians who are experts in this business and with a state- of-the-art lab facility nothing is impossible for them.



Hydraulic Excavator is a marvelous invention for the construction and mining industry. These are heavy equipment consisting of a Boom, Dipper (or stick), Bucket, and Cab on a rotating platform known as the “house”. Prominent manufacturers of this product are TATA HITACHI, JCB, Volvo, HYUNDAI,  Komatsu etc. Excavators may be classified into three categories, on the basis of its weight – Large Excavator, Midi Excavator and Mini Excavator.

A Mini Excavator also called Compact Excavator is of size 0-6 MT but within the class 3-4 MT, Mini Excavators are the most popular. These models are extremely versatile and used for in-building work, sewer repairs, water line installs and foundational repair. It has the advantage of its size for easy access.

A Midi excavator is of size 6MT-10MT. This size more or less digs and lifts like a standard excavator but has the advantage in transportation and job site access. This class finds use in building construction, roads and bridges and landscaping.

A large Excavator or Hydraulic Excavator is the widely used excavator available on the market today. It is of size range 10MT – 90MT. The highest volume of machines sold into the industry range from 19 – 24 metric tons, and 33-40 metric tons. Hydraulic Excavators have a wide variety of uses thanks to the many attachments available

  • Digging of holes, trenches, foundations
  • Material handling
  • Forestry work
  • Construction
  • Demolition with hydraulic claw, cutter and breaker attachments
  • General grading/landscaping
  • Mining,
  • River dredging

The characteristics one has to keep in mind while selecting the proper Excavator are:

  • Transportation and access
  • Digging depth
  • Long reach boom configuration.
  • Lifting capacity
  • Bucket capacity
  • Couplers- the scope of attachments.
  • Think hydraulically – the power of the machine
  • Understand counterweights –that boost lifting and operating capacities.
  • Advanced technology- efficiency and productivity

Packaging industries manpower issues may become a great hurdle in India’s slogan of “make in India”

India’s growing consumerism is taking its packaging sector through unprecedented technological break-through and rapid revenue benchmarks. As the globalization sets-in with its plethora of offerings, the young India is showing a rising inclination towards the more sophisticated and technologically improved lifestyle.

Be it a casual shopping from the market or an online order, safe, hygienic and convenient packaging of the items has gained increased importance in satisfying today’s consumer base. Packaging has come a long way from simple wrappers and carry bags to damage free, hygienic and dust-proof cartons that not only cater to the retail sector but to the manufacturer and wholesaler as a whole.

With packaging playing an essential role of the products sales, proper and suitable packaging has become a highly technical area of focus for the entire spectrum of products being sold out there in the global market.

Be it the export or the import market, packaging has grown from a mere mode of carrying convenience to an aspect of product’s overall aesthetics and a highly organized and technical sector contributing to over 7% of India’s infrastructural revenue earnings.

However, Packaging Industry in India is still fighting a tough battle in keeping up to the challenge of “Make in India” due to the cheaper and usually technologically advanced Chinese packaging items.

But it is surprising that this giant economy is facing the issue of challenging the in-house development of technologically improved and cheaper packaging techniques but a rather more significant issue of supply of adequate and skilled manpower.

As packaging sector is gaining momentum in recent times, the availability of adequately trained manpower has become an issue due to the lack of proper educational infrastructure in this field.

With many packing industries coming up, supply of manpower has become a crucial issue in running this business and it is here that the need manpower outsourcing firms is being felt vastly.

Manpower outsourcing due to their widespread reach and connectivity are able to tap these resources from various corners of the nation and maintain a demographic database of such workforce, ready and willing to be employed at different corners of this nation.

This not only gives these packaging players a respite from the regular and most often wearing in-house hiring process but also saves considerable amount of cost and time as such work force are available for interview with just one call to these outsourcing firms and the best part being the contractual hiring of this workforce that saves considerable amount of money in the long run.

SGK India, a dominant player in the field of outsourcing is coming up with highly specialized ways of meeting this challenge by sourcing the best talents from across every corner of the nation. With is merit already shining across various sectors, SGK india is for sure brining a sea change in India’s packaging sector manpower issue.

Inadequacy of skilled labour in roadways construction re-strengthens Manpower Firm’s importance.

As roadways continue be in the primary list of India’s Economic development plan, Roadways in India, post-Independence, have come a long from connecting a few major cities and towns to connecting to almost every corner of the nation at present.

Roadways in India are a major infrastructural project considering the fact that almost three fourth of our population and commercial trade depends on it. It is like the vein network of human body delivering vital nutrients to every part of the body to keep it health and growing.

It is surprising to know that India being a much smaller land mass compared to US still and China has the third largest roadway network in the world which speaks volumes of India’s mind set in simplifying and improving the transport system of this nation.

However this feat of excellence within such a small span post-Independence has not been so easy for this nation with multiple hindrances lying in its way to overcome. Apart from charting out the most viable roadway plan other issues like funding, approval of project, availability of skilled workforce and labour, transportation of construction material and equipment have been jerk-stopping India’s pace to build the greatest roadways network that world can ever see.

However, with India’s wide geographical diversity and demo graphical challenges the one major issue of primary concern to officials is the supply of adequately skilled manpower and labour force to complete this long awaited glorious mission of India.

Though, roadways in the more populated, stable and plain areas have been constructed with less of a pain for availability of skilled workforce and labour, places with geographical and demographic challenges have seen a comparatively slower development owing to lack adequately skilled workforce to complete the task in time.

Constructing roadways through mountains, valleys, rivers, oceans, creeks etc requires high degrees of experience, skill and motivation and human and machinery mishaps are a painfully accepted part of this task. Owing to varied risks associated with this job it most often becomes difficult to arrange the right mix of workforce to complete such tasks and an unexpected delay is caused.

Meticulous in-house planning’s and measures have been implemented to curb this rising manpower issue but these measures have not been sufficient and has rather led to an increase in the cost and unfruitful man-hour losses.

Now the role of Manpower outsourcing firms is emerging as a key solution to the rising manpower issue as such firms effectively manage the requirement of multiple workforce along with filling the key positions which are most often a tedious activity for the HR department. The most attractive benefit of hiring an outsourcing firm is continuous supply of skilled workforce along with a manpower replacement clause that adds to assurance of labour adequacy which helps in continuation and competition of the project in time considering other factors or issues are managed with equal importance.

SGK India, an emerging leader in the field of outsourcing services has buckled up with adequate insight and management experience to match the rising manpower expectation in this sector.


With many successful project accomplishment it has a proven track-record of meeting the expectation of labour supply and other outsourcing services management. With the increasing importance and rapid development of roadways SGK India is sure to become a prominent contributor in the roadways sector of this emerging global leader.