Why Manpower / Payroll Outsourcing play an important role in Hotel Industries?


Hotels have become an indispensable part of modern day economy. Be it a leisurely chat over a steaming cup of aromatic tea or a modest reunion event or a pompous celebration of marriage and new start-ups to elaborate corporate meets and let-loose events, hotels are now going head over heels in setting new standards of sophistication, luxury and economic alternatives without compromising their brand value. Unprecedented service quality and amenities are now defining the “Brand”. As a result new brands of national and international repute have sprouted, who are resulting in an increased revenue influx to the industry and creating buzz amongst masses for spending some quality time far or not too far from home.

However, not all hotels enjoy a bright sunny morning every day and at times even the best brands fall prey to the unforgiving race of acquiring new business and popularity. With one third of hotel Industry workforce leaving industry, attrition rates of Hotel Industry are considered to be one of the worst enemies of this Industry and despite numerous measures the HR’s have been unable to contain such a rate.

Out of many factors contributing to the dent in revenue and popularity of hotels, the major concerning factor still points at increasing demand of accomplished workforce and more than charted attrition rates. Apart from amenities, infrastructure and quality standards, appropriate arrangement of trained labor capital is being badly felt within such industry.

While some resort to in-house recruitment and a comprehensive training to deploy the manpower others opt for a more structural set-up of hiring a manpower outsourcing firm to acquire industry specific talents.

Manpower outsourcing not only reduces the gestation gap between resume hunting and on-boarding, it also effectively does away with unnecessary dump of irrelevant resumes, thereby providing accurate manpower supply for any level of management. Needless to mention it effectively mobilizes the HR team to focus on other essential activities rather than spending time is travelling. Shortlisting and interviewing candidates and moreover such firms usually provide a replacement clause in case any hire employee leaves the job between a contracts.

As outsourcing firms increase their efficiency and infrastructure, availability and hunting of trained manpower in distant location for HR’s of corporate is no longer a tiring mission. Thanks to the huge data base of trained workforce outsourcing firms are well stocked with accomplished workforce ready to get going from the date of joining and it effectively reduces the entire cost of head-hunting to on-boarding and deployment.

Looking at the hotel Industry expansions and demand, outsourcing firms are by far the most proffered and economic way of dealing with manpower issues.


Statistical source – Internet

Area of Study – Mumbai

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