Gain complete control of your unproductive man-hours and irrelevant cost heads by outsourcing your utility maintenance services

Gain complete control of your unproductive man-hours and irrelevant cost heads by outsourcing your utility maintenance services to SGK India which includes in-depth studies, analysis and audits to find out the savings opportunities.

SGK India delivers top notch quality of utility maintenance works across multiple Industries and offers complete range of utility maintenance services in areas like Power Generation, Distribution System, Fuel Yard and Effluent Ejection system.

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Outsourcing- The Emerging Trend in the Automobile Industry

India’s automobile industry is one of the most capital-intensive sectors concentrating more on re-investment in capital expenditure and research & development at regular intervals. Now it is going through the neck to neck competition and needs to explore techniques for fuel efficiency, low maintenance, durability, and comfort. Automobile firms, in general, tend to outsource their work and concentrate on their main activity of product design, research and development, marketing, distribution, and after-sales services.
manpower-outsourcing-image Personnel management and raw material management in the Automobile sector are the most comprehensive and highly organized activities upon which the entire panorama of the automobile sector’s performance depends. With the growth of the automobile sector in India, a right solution for both job out-sourcing and staff outsourcing is trending upwards. Out-sourcing service providers opt for the most structured and meticulous processes of staff outsourcing and job outsourcing. This helps in minimizing loss of man-hour and wastage thereby optimizes production.

Outsourcing has the following assured benefits for the Company.


Focus on core activities:

  • Service providers as specialists not only carry out the manpower management and operation management task with greater efficiency but also do it economically.
  • Companies can delegate the tasks to the vendors and focus on important goals that are of greater value.

Innovation culture:

  • The decision makers have more time to concentrate on Research and Development.
  • They can focus better on their brand recognition through market initiatives.


  • Outsourcing plays a very important role in the optimization of resources.
  • It also helps to reduce cash outflow on a day-to-day basis resulting in better fund management

Manpower / Staffing for Construction/Infrastructure Industries

Infrastructure has been one the greatest necessities of mankind since the time it has understood of its basic needs. Infrastructure generally connotes a broader meaning involving construction of various properties to help mankind in leading a more convenient and safer lifestyle.

It includes all types of transportation means, building of all types, electricity generation etc and the one common factor which huge manpower requirement.

Since the manpower requirement and the nature of job is varied in nature, entrusting these activities to people within organisation can cause valuable loss in time, money and productive effort. Hence, we at SGK India, are equipped with appropriate manpower to cater to all your outsourced manpower needs and are also highly capable in taking up the entire responsibility of managing their payment.

Our years of quality and result oriented services ensure complete satisfaction in results which has gained a name amongst the top outsourcing agencies of India.

Staffing and Manpower Solutions for Automobile Sector

Staffing and manpower solutions for Automobile sector is one of the most comprehensive and highly organised activity on which the entire gamut of automobile sector’s performance depends upon.

Be it the outsourced employee requirement or on-roll employee requirement, we, as one amongst the most reputed staffing agency, undertake the most meticulous and systematic approach of analysing, selecting and placing the brightest brains for management specific work profiles.

Packaging industries manpower issues may become a great hurdle in India’s slogan of “make in India”

India’s growing consumerism is taking its packaging sector through unprecedented technological break-through and rapid revenue benchmarks. As the globalization sets-in with its plethora of offerings, the young India is showing a rising inclination towards the more sophisticated and technologically improved lifestyle.

Be it a casual shopping from the market or an online order, safe, hygienic and convenient packaging of the items has gained increased importance in satisfying today’s consumer base. Packaging has come a long way from simple wrappers and carry bags to damage free, hygienic and dust-proof cartons that not only cater to the retail sector but to the manufacturer and wholesaler as a whole.

With packaging playing an essential role of the products sales, proper and suitable packaging has become a highly technical area of focus for the entire spectrum of products being sold out there in the global market.

Be it the export or the import market, packaging has grown from a mere mode of carrying convenience to an aspect of product’s overall aesthetics and a highly organized and technical sector contributing to over 7% of India’s infrastructural revenue earnings.

However, Packaging Industry in India is still fighting a tough battle in keeping up to the challenge of “Make in India” due to the cheaper and usually technologically advanced Chinese packaging items.

But it is surprising that this giant economy is facing the issue of challenging the in-house development of technologically improved and cheaper packaging techniques but a rather more significant issue of supply of adequate and skilled manpower.

As packaging sector is gaining momentum in recent times, the availability of adequately trained manpower has become an issue due to the lack of proper educational infrastructure in this field.

With many packing industries coming up, supply of manpower has become a crucial issue in running this business and it is here that the need manpower outsourcing firms is being felt vastly.

Manpower outsourcing due to their widespread reach and connectivity are able to tap these resources from various corners of the nation and maintain a demographic database of such workforce, ready and willing to be employed at different corners of this nation.

This not only gives these packaging players a respite from the regular and most often wearing in-house hiring process but also saves considerable amount of cost and time as such work force are available for interview with just one call to these outsourcing firms and the best part being the contractual hiring of this workforce that saves considerable amount of money in the long run.

SGK India, a dominant player in the field of outsourcing is coming up with highly specialized ways of meeting this challenge by sourcing the best talents from across every corner of the nation. With is merit already shining across various sectors, SGK india is for sure brining a sea change in India’s packaging sector manpower issue.

Inadequacy of skilled labour in roadways construction re-strengthens Manpower Firm’s importance.

As roadways continue be in the primary list of India’s Economic development plan, Roadways in India, post-Independence, have come a long from connecting a few major cities and towns to connecting to almost every corner of the nation at present.

Roadways in India are a major infrastructural project considering the fact that almost three fourth of our population and commercial trade depends on it. It is like the vein network of human body delivering vital nutrients to every part of the body to keep it health and growing.

It is surprising to know that India being a much smaller land mass compared to US still and China has the third largest roadway network in the world which speaks volumes of India’s mind set in simplifying and improving the transport system of this nation.

However this feat of excellence within such a small span post-Independence has not been so easy for this nation with multiple hindrances lying in its way to overcome. Apart from charting out the most viable roadway plan other issues like funding, approval of project, availability of skilled workforce and labour, transportation of construction material and equipment have been jerk-stopping India’s pace to build the greatest roadways network that world can ever see.

However, with India’s wide geographical diversity and demo graphical challenges the one major issue of primary concern to officials is the supply of adequately skilled manpower and labour force to complete this long awaited glorious mission of India.

Though, roadways in the more populated, stable and plain areas have been constructed with less of a pain for availability of skilled workforce and labour, places with geographical and demographic challenges have seen a comparatively slower development owing to lack adequately skilled workforce to complete the task in time.

Constructing roadways through mountains, valleys, rivers, oceans, creeks etc requires high degrees of experience, skill and motivation and human and machinery mishaps are a painfully accepted part of this task. Owing to varied risks associated with this job it most often becomes difficult to arrange the right mix of workforce to complete such tasks and an unexpected delay is caused.

Meticulous in-house planning’s and measures have been implemented to curb this rising manpower issue but these measures have not been sufficient and has rather led to an increase in the cost and unfruitful man-hour losses.

Now the role of Manpower outsourcing firms is emerging as a key solution to the rising manpower issue as such firms effectively manage the requirement of multiple workforce along with filling the key positions which are most often a tedious activity for the HR department. The most attractive benefit of hiring an outsourcing firm is continuous supply of skilled workforce along with a manpower replacement clause that adds to assurance of labour adequacy which helps in continuation and competition of the project in time considering other factors or issues are managed with equal importance.

SGK India, an emerging leader in the field of outsourcing services has buckled up with adequate insight and management experience to match the rising manpower expectation in this sector.


With many successful project accomplishment it has a proven track-record of meeting the expectation of labour supply and other outsourcing services management. With the increasing importance and rapid development of roadways SGK India is sure to become a prominent contributor in the roadways sector of this emerging global leader.

Payroll outsourcing a crucial element in reducing cost and increasing payroll effectiveness.

As businesses continue to pursue zero-man-hour wastage and total effectiveness, certain tasks despite numerous human and technological interventions, are still looming in an area of tremendous risk that can spell doom to the increasing effectiveness of any business. One such area which involves a huge amount of procession and effective human involvement is Payroll.

Payroll though sounds as one of the simplest and easiest tasks involved in a business process but the reality is most often quite its reverse with several peripheral issues pulling down the organisation’s effective man-hour and overall performance levels. With issues like

  • Delay penalties,
  • Posting errors,
  • Human negligence,
  • Higher operation costs,
  • Changing practices and technological interventions,
  • Changing taxes and labour welfare deductions,
  • Leaves and bonuses,
  • Increments, rewards and pay cuts,
  • Transition period issues of new joiners,
  • Security and Integrity of critical information’s, etc.

Payroll is undoubtedly one of the most sensitive areas of entire business process and requires high levels of expert handling and management. With payroll most often being considered as a non-core function, grouping it along with back-office tasks, any minor negligence on part of the HR/Accountant or the disbursing department can create unnecessary on toward scenarios which can certainly affect the working environment and integrity of the organisation leading to a superfluous chain of resentment, gossips and man-hour losses.

Hence, with more professional and organised options like Payroll Outsourcing Firms available at a cheaper price and with superior levels of technical and operation expertise, organisations today are inclining more towards outsourcing their payroll to these seasoned professionals.

Outsourcing firms employ seasoned professionals who process the workforce payment with high levels of accuracy as per company’s payroll guidelines using the latest technological improvements and thoroughly following government’s payroll guidelines. As a package these services are rendered at lower costs as compared to the running costs of in-house staffs and impending penalties. This in turn saves a considerable amount of organisation’s staff’s precious time and relieves them from getting involved in any untoward incidents thereby helping the management and workforce to concentrate in more productive work effectively without spoiling organisation’s working environment and culture.

SGK India, a pioneer in the field of business process outsourcing domain has employed some of the most seasoned professionals who have delivered outstanding results time and again in the payroll outsourcing domain. Today as more businesses are coming up with bigger volumes of staffs, payroll is bound become a more complicated and cumbersome affair which would surely call for an established and reputed professional’s involvement in successfully delivering the task – in time and with reduced cost.

SGK India is ever so ready and willing to stand up and exceed the expectations of this challenge.

Huge manpower needed to spin the wheels of Automobile sector

One of the biggest inventions in human civilization was the invention of WHEEL. After meeting the basic needs of life, Human beings wanted to find better ways doing trade and transport and that gave birth to wheels. That wheel has set the Global economy and finance on fast track ever since. It evolved from hand pulled/pushed carts to carriages and caravans and finally to motor based vehicles that could transport heavier loads and travel longer distances with minimal human efforts.

In early stages of wheels invention, a cart or carriage supported on wheels was considered royal and were the priced possession of royal families but as time progressed people started creating their own wheels with different materials like stone, wood, iron etc. and they made their own modes of transport.

These transportation modes could not only transport goods but also people, that too in style without dirt and the best part was it saved tremendous amount of time and efforts. This made people dream of owning a vehicle and this interest and inquisitiveness of human beings of having an own mode of transport gave birth to the automobile sector.

As the Automobile sector in early 1800’s was witnessing an overwhelming set-up of numerous  home based R&D units, only a handful of them could produce road-worthy vehicles with majority of them falling apart in lack of proper technical know-how, funding, infrastructure and most importantly skilled workforce.

However, with automobile sector introducing a more safer, faster and economical transport option, the respective governments felt the need of establishing proper production units to help there economy grow at a rapid pace. With capital influx in such sector, rapid development and production of automobile started. But with passing of time, human beings and rapid infrastructural growth needed more sophisticated vehicles that could not only be produced faster but performed better than its predecessors. Automobile sector though responded aptly to such need but it could not rise-up to meet the growing demand of people mainly because of the lack in specifically skilled workforce.

The shortfall of workers has ever since been a leg-puller in potential development of this sector. Today nearly 4.2 crore employees are engaged in the automobile sector worldwide as against a requirement of approximately 7 crores to meet the rising demand globally. As labour short-fall continues to be global phenomenon in this sector, India specifically with its rising Infrastructural growth and socio-economic standing, requires approximately another 2.5 Lakh employees with by the end of this decade as against a current figure of approximately 3 lakhs. This shortfall calls for heavy and fast paced recruitment drives but arranging such drives and getting required skill sets is going to be painstakingly time consuming and costly affair.

Consequently Manpower outsourcing firms since last decade have started showcasing their merited potential in this domain of automobile sector. They not arrange and conduct such drives but their already existing huge database of candidates saves their time in gathering the required skill sets and most importantly their spread and reach to different corners of the country saves a lot of travel time and related costs. Today Manpower Firms have equipped themselves to face the sudden unforeseen labour attrition and majority of them have a manpower compensation clause which helps the companies to get compensated for unforeseen dropout of contractual outsourced employees.

One major highlight of hiring a manpower outsourcing firm is that companies can now employ the required skill sets as per the contract validly and can get rid of them as there contract end. This not only saves thru running cost of employing a full-time in-house employee but also keeps there attrition rates at decent levels. Hence, as this sector continues to expand and cater to the growing demands of our rising nation, Manpower supply is going to be a critical aspect in delivering the results and Manpower Outsourcing with their expertise will continue to propel this sector’s growth through their impeccable manpower knowledge and resources.

Power plants need manpower to leverage sustained growth in power generation

Power sector has been the prime factor behind a Nation’s sustained Economic development and its life source sustenance. Power or energy is that element of nature which is produced by mechanical means to generate electricity and other means of energy which in turn generates motion, force or heat. With diverse sources of power generation, the power sector are broadly classified into two major streams namely the Conventional Source and the Unconventional Source. Conventional Power sources such as coal, natural gas, nuclear power, fossil fuel, hydro power, wind, solar, Oil etc are the prominent power sources in driving nation’s Economic development whereas the Unconventional power sources like the organic waste and woods are the sources of a more viable domestic power supply to meet various household energy needs.

India’s diversified power sources has been a boon in India’s march towards a “Developed Economy” arena. Enjoying almost the entire spectrum of Power generation sources, India has been able to sustain its rapid economic development and also meet the domestic energy requirement of it’s elephantine population which ranks 2nd in the world. Though there has been considerable economic and technological development with corresponding in-house power generation and usage, the ever towering population and Industrial growth of the nation is compelling the Nation to generate more energy or look for better renewable energy sources to meet the increasing demand. Without a doubt the power and energy sector has been one of the most challenging sector strategically and one of the most risky sector involving numerous unforeseen hazards and administration issues.

With the power sector fighting issues of fund mis-management and stealing of energy, the major concern of this sector still revolves around manpower shortage that has been present in this industry since last couple of decades and is eating away on this Industry’s potential of working with full capacity. With no dearth of power sources, India needs an extensive supply of capable and experienced manpower to leverage the full potential of such sources. As India progresses on strategic path of economic development, power and energy concentration is at its prime focus and so is the look-out for avenues to empower this sector with an enormous supply of daily wagers to intellectually equipped and highly experienced manpower.

With administration department pre-engrossed in sorting the three major issues of this sector involving production, storage and distribution, the focus on hiring new talents has become overshadowed and in-house sourcing has taken a hit with only 4% of its total workforce being recruited in the running decade as against 11% in the last decade. As power sector is a highly specialized sector involving tremendous amount of technical and mechanical expertise, the current shortage of required manpower and slow paced recruitment initiatives might become a giant hurdle in India’s economic sustenance, affecting its stride towards a developed economy.

Hence, a major key of arranging manpower without neglecting focus on other vital issues is the appointment of professional Manpower outsourcing firms which not only provide adequate and skilled workforce with flair but also save the time, cost and travel of HR executives in executing such tasks. These outsourcing firms closely monitor the manpower issues arising in different sectors and come up with indigenous ways to creatively and fruitfully bridge the gap between hiring cost and production figures. They have databases of already experienced manpower who are willing to devote their knowledge and expertise in the development of nation and with a little guidance they can start delivering the results.

Hence as the power sector matches its production to the India’s leap towards becoming a global leader of self sustained power, manpower sourcing if not entirely, should be majorly entrusted to the Manpower Outsourcing Firms which will not only complete the task with perfection but also save valuable time and cost of the management.

Creating superior manpower solution to curb manpower issues in Steel Industry

Steel has since long been a crucial component in India’s socio-economic development and Infrastructural transformation. As India embarks on its mission to becoming a self-sustained developed economy, its domestic Steel consumption is going to reflect the standard of its Infrastructural supremacy on a global platform. With Steel having an indispensable strategic importance in shaping modern India, nearly a half of its production is being consumed for Industrial and Infrastructural development with remaining being utilized in the automotive and aviation sector, household utensils and durable, medical equipment’s and other essential amenities.

With current Steel production nearing 100 MT, India’s domestic steel consumption is likely to face a supply crunch by 2025 as the projected figures are well above 300 MT by then and approximately 700MT by the beginning of 2030. With that much of steel coming in Indian steel Industry apart from Infrastructure and Fund constrains, is poised to face an imperatively heavy workforce shortage. As Steel Industry works upon improving its Infrastructure and Fund platform, an additional supply of around 3 lakh employees comprising of 15% technical experts has to be put in place by 2020. As current Indian Steel producers face various challenges in meeting the desired output figures, one daunting challenge lurks in form of Manpower supply which is currently emerging as the biggest obstacle in meeting expected steel production goals for the running decade.

Currently the Indian Steel Industry accounts to over two lakh workers and with another 3 lakh coming in, the manpower short-listing and on-boarding process within specified time and required quantity is going to become an extremely critical affair for its recruitment team. One major key to such an issue lies in hiring the services of Manpower Outsourcing Firm(s). Such Firms with their widespread wings reach out to millions of both experienced and fresh candidates, across the length and breadth of the country.

The huge database of manpower provides such Firms an edge over company’s in-house sourcing as these databases save considerable time in massive head-hunting and with lakhs of databases in store selecting the exact candidate who meets the specific qualifying criteria becomes easy. This not only saves cost but also minimizes the turn around time of on-boarding the new joiners. These Manpower Outsourcing Firms most often also stock and provide employee back-up to minimize the production losses at times of attrition during anytime of the year.

With Steel set to gain tremendous importance and faster production momentum, its manpower issues are going to multiply and with it the consequent unforeseen losses pose a dangerous sudden impact on the economic stability of this Industry. Manpower Outsourcing firms have been long since acquainted to such irregularities of manpower and posses a better understanding and adaptability in tackling these situations. Hence, it goes without stating that with such huge demand of steel pitching in, the need and role of such firms in tackling this impending manpower issue is going to be the game changer, proficiently equipping the Steel sector to take-up the upcoming challenges.

SGK India, a pioneer in the field of Outsourcing has clearly understood this issue and has correspondingly equipped itself with the ongoing developments in this sector. Be it the consistency in supply of specifically skilled manpower or the quantity of workforce required by this Industry anywhere and at any point of time, SGK India has adapted itself to meet the challenging demands of this Industry with absolute finesse.