Superior quality Hydrojet Cleaning Services for Thermal & Captive Power Plant

Thermal and captive power plants function relentlessly and are prone to accumulation of various types of deposits and residual leftovers. This can cause serious issues in optimal functioning of the equipments and sometimes causes safety concerns. Cleaning of these equipments require highly advanced methods that produces supremely effective results.

At MSC we understand the importance of cleaning and assure of best results in whatever we take up. We have more than three decades of industrial cleaning experience and have been acknowledged as one the best hydro-jet cleaning services available in India. Our equipments are meant to generate 300 to 3000 bar pressure for cleaning any type of equipment and we follow a very analytical approach in our work to ensure complete satisfaction of results. With various types of cleaning equipments, both branded and indigenous, we are always prepared to take up any kind of cleaning assignments. Our cleaning services for Captive and Thermal Power Plant includes:


  • Cleaning of AHU, Filters, Engine, Radiators, Shop floors & Cooling Towers
  • Cleaning of ID Fan, Wet Scrubber
  • Cleaning of Tanks/ Vessels/pipes & other process Equipments
  • Equipment Cleaning
  • Heat Exchanger Cleaning
  • Pipe Line Cleaning
  • Tube Cleaning
  • Boiler Cleaning


Our team of highly trained and Industry experienced professionals work in alignment with the best practices and meticulously carry out each phase to ensure superior results every time anywhere.